Onward House provides support to families in crisis through a Food Pantry, and connections to resources and other partnership organizations.

Citizenship & Immigration

Onward House meets the need of immigrants with Latino-led, family based immigration and citizenship services. Families served by Onward House have identified that immigration legal services are difficult for them to access, either being too costly or too far away. Also, the high incidence of fraud and mis-information, many times resulting in more legal problems, makes individualized service delivery most beneficial for our families. Continue reading “Citizenship & Immigration”

Computer Center

With the goal of bridging the digital divide, Onward House provides free community access to computers and information technology to Belmont Cragin residents of all ages. Learning opportunities are available to enhance technological aptitude, increase knowledge, gain language proficiency, and increase employability. The Computer Center, located in the The Hank and Kim Marshall Community Resource and Education Center, serves approximately 40 community members each week and 600 each year.

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